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Why Advertise with DoctorScorecard?

Last edited Oct-4-2016

We no longer accept paid advertisements on We now trust in the Lord to meet all our needs. So the information below is outdated and is from when the website was first started....

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DoctorScorecard is currently kept running by private funding. (To remain unbiased, we never accept donations from doctors.) We occasionally put Google ads on the site to try to help pay for expenses but those ads have not really helped much. Our expenses far exceed our advertising income.

Some expenses include: our dedicated server, contracted website programmers, domain name registrations, advertising (we advertise to encourage the public to rate their doctors), and software.

Our admin is a volunteer, and spends time each day maintaining the website with no pay.

Whether you decide to sponsor DoctorScorecard by advertising with us or by making a donation, you will help ensure that this site continues to operate.

We could place a message of your choice on DoctorScorecard... an ad, a banner, or a link to a respectable website. (Sorry, doctors and their employers cannot be sponsors due to a conflict of interest. But doctors can make a free profile on the site.) If we like your advertisement, the minimum amount to be an advertising sponsor is just $16 per day. This rate is valid only to the FIRST advertiser that accepts this offer and we will only accept ONE advertiser at a time. By placing an ad on this site, you will also be helping to support free speech.

Your ad would replace one of the ads we already have on the site. We plan to keep the site uncluttered as much as we can. That means your ad won't have competition from other advertisers. You can pick which ad location you want. You can choose the number of days you want to advertise with us.

We could target your ad to a specific location or medical specialty. For example: your ad could appear with dentists only... or in New York only.

We accept payments by credit card, check, or PayPal. We are also open to trades. We could write a news item about your site, with full disclosure, in exchange for an equivalent amount of publicity from your side for DoctorScorecard. We want more people to know about this site and actively use it.

Email the advertisement you would like posted at DoctorScorecard. A rough draft is fine if you want to make sure we will accept it first. We will respond promptly to your request.

email address

For more, see our advertising policy.

Sponsor DoctorScorecard

Your financial support could help pay the monthly bill for the dedicated server that runs this site. Your support would also encourage us to keep improving the code that runs this site, adding new features and making the website easier to use. Any donation amount is welcomed.

Donation Status
As of Apr-13-2011

Date Amount Who Where
Dec-03-2009 $30 anonymous Madison, Alabama, USA
Oct-25-2008 $100 anonymous Madison, Alabama, USA
Aug-30-2008 $50 anonymous Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
Feb-26-2008 $350 noako Alexandria, Virginia, USA

We could do so much more with your help:

  • Protection from lawsuits. Some doctors are not happy about what people have said online about them. We have received numerous lawsuit threats. We already successfully defended our visitors and protected their identities against a subpoena. Some doctors want us to censor their critics, but we refuse to censor you. We have only deleted comments when they were determined to be intentionally libelous. We believe we should stand up for your right to free speech. In the future, we will have to defend ourselves in a court of law. Unfortunately, it's the way our country runs. Your financial support could be applied to protecting our right to free speech.

  • Additional servers. More visitors visit DoctorScorecard each month and we will need new servers to keep up.

  • Advertising. Help advertise DoctorScorecard to encourage more people to practice their freedom of speech and rate their doctors. More people should know about DoctorScorecard. One way we do that is by advertising. We have advertised on a limited basis through newspapers, radio, and on other websites.

  • Tell us if you would like to help in any way. Examples:

  • A few lawyers have donated their time to helping us defend our users and to prevent doctors from gaining any personally identifiable information about their critics.
  • One member helped advertise DoctorScorecard in his local area using his own funds and that was greatly appreciated.
  • Our email address is at the bottom of this page if you would like to contact us.

    DoctorScorecard is a free project by Everlasting Media. You can donate, if you want to support this site, by clicking on the PayPal button...

    You can contact us by email:

    email address