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Dr. William Boothe

Plano, Texas

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Boothe Eye Care And Laser Center
3900 West 15th Street
Plano, TX 75075

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Overall score given by sundancer6765 on 08/12/10


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Not given This doctor is rude and disrespectful to his staff and his patients. I've heard him yell at both patients and staff and heard him fire one staff member in the operating room because he didn't respond quickly enough.  His business practices are at best unethical.  Before you sign the forms and write a check, you are treated like royalty, but once the ink dries on your check, you are treated like cattle, just being herded through.  Getting follow up visits is a nightmare, and the waiting room for post-op patients is dismal with no windows, little airconditioning, inadequate seating.  I frequently had to stand, and long wait times; I waited over four hours on two occasions and never less than an hour and a half.  Promises are made, but not kept as far as results from the surgery.  I would definitely NOT recommend this office to anyone.

Recently I called to request my records be sent to my new opthomologist, and this office charged me $25 to mail a one page summary of my medical records.  This is after I was charged $450.00 extra because they couldn't schedule a 're-do' on my left eye before the two year guarentee period expired even though I had reported the problem for three months. 

This doctor spends a fortune on advertising which he can well afford.  He also does surgery on sports figures and celebrities for free in exchange for endorcements.  Don't be duped. . .DO NOT waste your money and time in this man's office.  Go somewhere that will treat you like a person, not livestock.  

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This scorecard was voted helpful +2 times

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