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Dr. William Boothe

Plano, Texas

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Boothe Eye Care And Laser Center
3900 West 15th Street
Plano, TX 75075

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Overall score given by pahern on 04/05/12


8 responses to this scorecard

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My name is Patti Ahern and I am here to tell you that my experience with Dr. Boothe of Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center exceeded every expectation I could have ever had.  I have suffered for years with terrible vision but never had the courage to have the procedure done. A friend recommended Dr. Booth and I knew immediately from my very first visit that he was the man for the job.  His staff was so courteous and so kind to me (thank you Miss Becky!) and Dr. Boothe was so patient and explained absolutely all my options during this first visit.  I can tell you that there wasn't a moment where I felt like I was being 'sold' or feeling like I was cornered by pushy sales people like I had felt in the past with other centers. This was truly a consultative approach and I felt absolutely, 100 % confident that Dr. Boothe was going to take great care of me and he did! There is nobody I would trust with my vision more so than Dr. Boothe. He has the most experience and he addressed each and every one of my concerns.

Throughout my follow up appointments, I was always greeted by his friendly staff and never had trouble scheduling appointments or feeling like I had to wait for long periods of time. Each visit I felt like I was the most important patient they were seeing that day and that is very rare to find. Most impressive was how involved Dr. Boothe was even with my follow up care. One time when I just met with his staff and not Dr. Boothe during my follow up, he actually called me at home that evening to make sure everything was going OK and to go over my instructions once again for the drops that I was supposed to be taking.  :-)  I couldn't believe he did that and it really meant a lot to me.

Thank you Dr. Boothe. Thanks to you, I now have perfect vision and can kiss my glasses goodbye forever!! You are my HERO!

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This scorecard was voted helpful -2 times

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Responses to pahern's scorecard

Comments by boothehater on 04/07/12, 11:34 am

This is obviously posted by Boothe himself.  The man has NO personality and doesn't give a tinker's damn about his patients.  There is no way that Boothe called anyone personally!!

Comments by alex1366 on 06/29/12, 1:58 pm

This rating is quite clearly fabricated by Booth or an associate. It is plainly the opposite of the true reality. You should try to be a bit less obvious!!

Comments by alex1366 on 06/27/12, 10:11 am:

I agree with boothhater - Pahern's comment is so fabricated that anyone who has had any association with the Booth Practice will confirm! Take a walk into his clinic anytime and you will see the same!

Comments by iqchip on 07/09/12, 7:09 pm

I completely agree.  I think either of two things happened here.  One, she could entirely have the wrong Dr Boothe.  Or two, she's been paid for her review or knows him personally.  It even sounds fake.  Theres been a slew of these on here lately (after this one), so I believe Boothe just got reminded of how crappy his reviews are and decided to try to do another wave of damage control.  They seem to come in waves, and this is just yet another one of them.  Hes her hero?  Heck, maybe its even Boothe himself.  Personally I think he's hired a company to help his  horrible reputation.  Heres a novel approach doc... try not being a super crappy doctor who gets sued all the time, and you might lose less patients to all your online reviews.

Comments by pahern on 07/16/12, 2:58 pm

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I am a real patient and had a great experience with Dr. Boothe.  Would be more than happy to meet you at his office, pull my files and confirm that I do not not work for him nor was I 'hired' to post a phony review.  My records will clearly show that I had the procedure done and put all of your suspicions to rest. Not only did Dr. Boothe do an amazing job on my lasik, he also spotted a very serious eye condition that if left untreated could have left me blind later in life. Dr. Boothe went above and beyond for me, helping me to find specialiists in the area and get the treatment I needed, and I will forever be grateful to him.

Comments by alex1366 on 07/25/12, 11:42 pm

Pahern - I would be happy to meet with you and Booth at his office at anytime - Lets work out a time that would allow all who are interested to attend. I'm sure this is all just a misunderstanding......
Alex clough

Comments by alex1366 on 08/05/12, 2:15 pm

I'm still waiting on Pahern to meet with me @ Dr. Booths office per her generous 7/16/12 offer. Alas, another blatant fabricated Booth supporter! Case closed!

Comments by pharmacist38794a on 08/06/12, 8:01 am

alex1366, it takes time to create fabricated patient files, office visit history and payment method.  Pahern is a fraud and so is Dr. Boothe. I had a guy come in to have his rx filled for his procedure with Boothe.  I told him what a cattle call it was and he said 'yeah, I know.'  I then said he yelled at his staff and made me wonder if he had the correct chart when he did my procedure.  I think he is just going to forfeit his $150 'free' evaluation.

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