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Dr. William Boothe

Plano, Texas

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Boothe Eye Care And Laser Center
3900 West 15th Street
Plano, TX 75075

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Overall score given by alex1366 on 06/27/12


alex1366 edited this scorecard on 06/27/12

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2002 Dr. Booth performed lasik surgury on me the 1st time on 6/14/02. It  was a disaster and he ended up performing 3 additional surguries on 11/11/02, 06/22/03 and 01/19/04. he also installed tearduct plugs and kept requiring me to use 3 very expensive RX eye drops throughout the duration, which did not help at all. I also witnessed his harsh, loud rantings in his office which really is unacceptable! My eyes were/are worse than before he even met me on the initial visit on 6/3/02 for the initial screening. Between the 19 months of his care and terrible outcome, excessive waiting times and poor communication with Dr. Booth himself, I can substanciate all the poor ratings I have read on this website! I am presently wearing glasses (bifocals) and my eyes have been itching and irritated for the last 10 years! I tried my best to be patient with Dr. Booth, but he really is an arrogant person with no compassion or ethics. After the forth surgury he advised there was nothing he could do about my poor eyesight, and that I would require bifocals again. When I asked for my money back, he walked out of the room! All I got from him during this fiasco were excuses and rude comments. He may very well be talanted and performed many surguries, but I assure anyone who is contemplating being treated by him to do some research and give it allot of thought first. Just look him up on the web - He claims it's a conspiracy - I simply went to him because of his incredible marketing schtick. I should have dug deeper. Hope this saves some misery that I have had to cope with for 10 years. His practice should be investigated by the proper authorities and perhaps shut down.

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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