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Dr. William Boothe

Plano, Texas

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Boothe Eye Care And Laser Center
3900 West 15th Street
Plano, TX 75075

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Overall score given by GoodExperience on 06/14/10


This scorecard was voted helpful -3 times

Dr Boothe is a professional and most of these type of folks have the personality of a rock.  What do people expect? Johnny Carson? He is an American Dr.  They do not have a bedside manner. Only UK trained Drs have training in patient handling. He spoke to both myself and my wife answered our questions and gave us good care.  We were walked through the procedure by his staff the day before and knew exactly what to expect when we arrived on the day of the actual procedure.  The prepared written sheets given to us ahead of time were informative and helpful as to information.  His staff was courteous and helpful as well as professional at all times.  At no time were we ever pressured to do the procedure and all post op complications were all explained including the need to follow their instructions both during and after the procedures.  I am not sure what most folks expect but after gettng tretment in a third world county Dr. Boothe's clinic ranks superior.  I had a similar experience in a Dermatology clinic which is also located in Plano area.  The only difference was I had a 1pm appointment during which the Dermatoogy Dr did not return from his 2 hour lunch and I finally got out of there with no instructions and less information than I received at Boothe's clinic.  I think the American nation has gotten spoiled over the years and expects to be treated like a VIP every minute of the day.  If you want VIP treatment you have to pay for VIP treatment or be a VIP. Sugery done on June 4 and wifes the following Monday.  We can see fine.  No surprises.  Would do it again given the experience and treatment.  Yes he does do a volume of business and his staff is kept on their toes.  They should be because it is a business not a charity ward.  We were treated respectfully at all times with care by all staff.

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This scorecard was voted helpful -3 times

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