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Dr. William Boothe

Plano, Texas

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Boothe Eye Care And Laser Center
3900 West 15th Street
Plano, TX 75075

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Overall score given by hholl on 07/08/12


10 responses to this scorecard

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Not given I am a college student at Oklahoma University and live in Plano Texas.  I have been in corrective lenses ever since I can remember. When I learned that I could be 'glasses free' I could not wait.  At consultation Dr. Boothe explained all about the corrective surgery and what my responsibilities after surgery would be.  I was nervous but the confidence I had in Dr. Boothe (and his soothing voice) made the procedure easy.
The entire process was very positive and he even did my follow up (Saturday surgery) on Sunday morning after he went to church.
If you are going to entrust your vision to some one you better make sure that they know what they are doing....Dr. Boothe does!
Thank you Dr. Boothe...I am seeing  perfectly only one day after surgery...goodbye glasses!

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This scorecard was voted helpful -3 times

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Responses to hholl's scorecard

Comments by pharmacist38794 on 07/09/12, 8:46 am

I don't know why I am replying to is so bogus.  I have posted before about my experience with Dr. Boothe.  He must have a twin brother who did the things you said.  Show me proof.  Where's the record he saw you on Sunday 'after church'.  Are you a relative?
This man is horrible. I saw him a max of 15 minutes for my 'free consultation' ($150) and my procedure.  It is a cattle call.  You are shuffled from room to room. I NEVER saw him again after surgery...EVER.  I had lasik performed in 2000 by an opthamologist in Baton Rouge, LA.  He had a regular office (with other doctors). I saw only him...pre- and post- surgery.  The procedure was done in a small surgery center.  I was in a room all by myself for the procedure.  All of my after care visits were with MY DOCTOR.  The only reason I had surgery again is because Lasik doesn't last as you age.  When I needed my eye exam the following know to check for glaucoma I still saw the doctor that performed my Lasik. He would still be seeing me if I had not moved to Dallas.  I wish now I had gone back to BR and had the 2nd procedure. It would have been worth the 400 mile drive to see a real caring MD. 
Boothe, was terse to his staff. He made me feel uncomfortable. His bedside manner is worse than Adolph Hitler.  There is no way you saw the same dr. This is a bogus review to try and get his rating up.
No one really comes to a site like this unless they had a problem with the md.  Then they start looking to see what others had to say.  I had back surgery 4 years ago.  I found the greatest MD via a friend's recommendation.  I had a great experience. Great recovery. Always saw my surgeon for office visits.  Did I come to this site to 'praise' him? No, I didn't even know it existed because I didn't have a horrible experience so I wasn't looking to see what others had to say.  If your visit was so great, what made you come look for a site to 'rate' him?  I would have never done it except i had a horrible experience and regret ever stepping foot in his office.  I should have left when they wanted $150 for my FREE CONSULTATION. 
A few months after I had surgery I went to a real opthamologist to see if my vision was what they said.  I told her I had Lasik done and didn't have a good experience.  She said: 'You don't have to tell me the name, I know who you are talkiing about.'  She doesn't perform Lasik so she is not biased.
Glad you had this great experience with Dr Boothe. Thousands haven't.  I guess there is such a thing as one in a million.

Comments by alex1366 on 07/09/12, 12:17 pm

Pharmacist: Your observation's and comments are right on mark. I'm thinking that Booth has one of his staff monitor this site to locate and counter any bad reveiws with these very obvious fabracations. It would really be interesting if he had the balls to respond to some of these reveiws. If I was Booth, I would be all over it to resolve these issues, and do everything possible to prevent future disasters. He's an idiot to both his patients and all the other professional eye surgeons, doctors on and on. Just mention his name, and see the reaction you get from people who know him, or even people who have even heard of him. I hope something positive comes out of these reveiws!


Comments by iqchip on 07/09/12, 7:15 pm

I completely agree. It even sounds fake.  Theres been a slew of these on here lately (after this one), so I believe Boothe just got reminded of how crappy his reviews are and decided to try to do another wave of damage control.  They seem to come in waves, and this is just yet another one of them. Heck, maybe its even Boothe himself.  Alex is right.  He has probably hired one of those reputation-fix companies to help his horrible reputation.

Dr. Boothe, try this novel approach... try not being a super crappy doctor who gets sued all the time, and you might lose less patients to all your online reviews. I should repost my review to counteract all these twerps he has hired, who dont mind that they are assisting him in outright hurting and blinding people due to neglegence.  He has constant complaints.  Whoever you are assisting this man by lying, I do hope karma gets you in the end.  Have fun with that.

Comments by iqchip on 07/09/12, 7:20 pm

Firstly, I wish I could repost my review of this doc to counteract all the reviews hes paying people to post.  Secondly, notice the really good reviews here are done by people with only one review posted on anyone ever.  They've only reviewed Boothe, and thats it.  It reaks of the very sneakiness people are blaming them for.  Theres just one more piece of possible evidence.  People if you are reading this and trying to decide if you want to let Boothe near your eyes, RUN!  He will harm you!  Just keep reading.  

Comments by Cheryl on 08/06/12, 1:14 pm

I went to dr booth to get my eyes done twice he is a joke it didnt last plus was ever 20/20 that they said are it's free they lied still wearing glasses

Comments by Cheryl on 08/06/12, 1:35 pm

You know we don't have money for glasses so you. Think getting dr booth to do  you eyes they show you all the money you all save by having it done its been 8 years sense I had my eyes done I kept calling and telling them in the when I first had it done they just put u off once they get the money . I had friend that eyes were really bad she went to a different doctor to get it done an she older then me an still don't have to wear glasses so 

Comments by Racheal218 on 01/04/13, 10:20 am

Dr.Booth performed my surgery in 2001 and my eyesight is still crystal clear. I loved his office staff and felt that I was in very capable hands from the moment I contacted them thru my last follow up. I don't understand why other patients had exact opposite experiences but I'm sending my daughter to Dr.Booth this year for her LASIK surgery, that's how confident I am in him.

Comments by bluba on 04/23/13, 11:43 am

I have a few friends who went to Dr. Boothe and they are all blind now and they are goin to see him in court i believe. The whole industry of Lasik and PRK seems to lie!!! Hagele is their spokesperson???

Comments by alex1366 on 04/23/13, 2:01 pm

I'm shocked that you would send your own daughter to this idiot! You may very well have had a good experiance with Booth - he's bound to get a couple right! You were very fortunate that you were not one of his many poor jobs, including myself. He did my eyes 3 times, and I'm still wearing bifocal glasses. Take a look at his reputation, and his many, many distraught past patients. What does it take to make it clear to you folks! shame on you for risking your own daughter's eyes - I'm Done.........

Comments by pharmacist38794 on 04/25/13, 8:54 am

It can't be stressed enough… Don't go to Dr Boothe. There are several reputable eye surgeons who will do a better job and not be rude or botch a procedure. It's been 4 years now and My vision is digressing. As a pharmacist I see many pts getting preop meds filled. I've heard great things about their experiences with other doctors. I will be checking them out. 

Good luck with your daughter. Hopefully she isn't already blind.  

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