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Dr. Vinita Singh

Pain Management
Atlanta, Georgia

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Emory Hospital
Atlanta, GA

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Overall Score
as rated by Woolybear
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Overall score given by Woolybear on 12/03/15


2015 I have been a cancer patient for 12 years having had multiple surgeries, maxed out radiation, and medical oncology. I was a patient at City of Hope in Duarte, CA for the last 6 1/2 years before moving to Atlanta. I received the highest level of care from all the doctors at City of Hope. I always felt respected and that my input was a part of my care. Immediately on meeting Dr Singh at Emory she made it clear she had her eeeeown way of doing things. She also told me of the chart she had created ti track patient drug usage. After 2 normal visits I herniated a disk in my neck leaving me partially paralyzed and in excrutiating pain. To make a long story short, according to Dr Singh's chart I did not need any pain medication. I told her I was suffering horribly and once again she referenced her chart. I did tell her that I was leaving Emory because of her lack of compassion. I also reminded her that I am a person and not a chart. I am at a new hospital being treated with respect and dignity once again. I wrote Emory to let them know that I had never felt criminilized or disrespected in the way I felt at their hospital. I will not recommend them for this reason. Dr Singh does not treat the patient as an individual. She has little boxes on her charts that you are expected to fit in for treatment.

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