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Dr. Tomas Pino

Lake Worth, Florida

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415 S. Federal Hwy.
Lake Worth, FL 33460

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as rated by Peggy02
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Overall score given by Peggy02 on 04/05/07


Peggy02 edited this score on 04/14/07

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I can not say enough about this dentist!!  He is the best!! He cares about his patients!  He doesn't rip you off, won't pressure you, is very knowledgeable and is very easy to talk to... He has a great bedside manner.. He goes above and beyond for his patients!  He is very caring and kind and that means alot.   I have had extractions, bone grafts, implants,  fillings, cleanings etc by Dr. Pino with no pain!!   I used to be afraid to go to the dentist ( I had a bad experience with another dentist-- see my other post) but now that I found Dr. Pino its no big deal to sit in the dentist chair... I am comfortable and confident with Dr. Pino and I trust him.  His dental assistants and office staff are great as well- They are very friendly and warm and will go above and beyond for you-  I feel very comfortable at Dr. Pino's office and I am confident that everyone will- I have been to Dr. Pino's office alot (to correct the bad experience with another dentist) and they are always warm, friendly and joke around to make you feel relaxed. You feel like you are with your friends instead of at the dentist.   I tell everyone about Dr. Pino and his staff- They are  that great!!  I will never use another dentist again.. 

The best is-  He does not rip you off!! He tells you the cost up front .  If you can't afford it, he will work with you.. I had to spend alot of money this year in dental bills (bad experience with another dentist cost me alot of money) and Dr. Pino is willing to work with me on the cost to fix what the bad experience did to me.   He won't  just kick you to the curb like some of these money hungry dentists would-- He has saved me alot of money because he cares about his patients and sympathizes with them.   He cares about his patients and their health and that makes a world of difference!! 

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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