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Dr. Tom Pousti

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
San Diego, California

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Pousti Plastic Surgery
8851 Center Dr.
San Diego, CA 91942

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Overall score given by maclipstick19 on 09/17/10


maclipstick19 edited this scorecard on 09/18/10


Hi, my name is Giovanna. I am originally from San Diego and now reside in Temecula with my wonderful husband & adorable, loving twin boys.   I had researched a handful of plastic surgeons and googled them as well.  When I came across Dr. Pousti's website,  I took the time to read all the pages and saw pictures etc.  I decided to make a call to the office to inquire about my situation.  From the moment I spoke to someone to the end of my journey with Dr.  Pousti,  the  experience was easy & stress-free.  I had  twin boys on April 14, 2008, pregnancy went well up until the birth of my children.  Unfortunately,  I had a horrible labor experience,  which left one of my twins disabled & I was sick for about 1 year.  We are thankfully here today, but went through alot.  After doctors performed surgery,  I began the healing process after a hysterectomy, & bowel obstruction.  My stomache was basically band-aided back together.  I had a huge noticeable scar from my belly button down to my bikini line.  I also looked like I was still pregnant.  I also developed a hernia in my belly button which protruded out significantly.  I did not feel comfortable in my own skin.  I went and consulted with Dr.  Pousti who reassured me that he could repair my stomache & remove scar & fix hernia.  I was nervous & surprised that  a Dr. can fix my huge problem but he made me feel so comfortable.  My husband was with me and he too,  loved Dr. Pousti from our initial consultation.  I made my apt for an abdominoplasty, and while I was under, decided to add silicone implants because I wanted to feel proportioned after my abdominoplasty.  From surgery,  after, follow-up etc.  I feel 100 percent better about myself.  My amazing stomache looks fabulous,  my boobs look great and no more ugly scar.  The healing process is different for everyone,  for me, it took 6-8weeks but I handled it well for the most part.  Dr. Pousti & his whole staff are with you everyday, calling to make sure you are okay.  I never once felt alone before or after surgery.  Today will be about 8 months since my surgery and I just saw Dr, Pousti & staff for a follow-up and it went great again.  He will see me again in 4 months to check in with me but I feel like we are all friends & would definitely go back to him for any more plastic surgery issues I  may have in the near future.  Thank you to Dr. Pousti for changing my image, making me feel better about myself once again.  You truly are a wonderful, caring, sincere, & most importantly, honest doctor. 

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