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Dr. Tom Pousti

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
San Diego, California

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Pousti Plastic Surgery
8851 Center Dr.
San Diego, CA 91942

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as rated by zgreeneyedgirl
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Overall score given by zgreeneyedgirl on 05/23/09


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I moved to san diego in the february of 2008 to start a new life. I was born and raised in the beautiful napa valley but it was time for a change after 29 years. Among that change I had gotten into the best shape of my life and I knew I was moving to the “land of the beautiful”. Approaching 30, I felt pretty good about the way I looked except for one area. You guessed it. Anyway, one thing I had always wanted to pursue was fitness modeling but I noticed all the girls had not only perfect bodies but perfect breasts. It was time for me to get the courage to do something about it. I had always dreamed of having bigger fuller breasts but never thought I would actually fulfill that dream because I had always been extremely afraid of going to the doctor let alone surgery. My new boyfriend, Jason, encouraged me to get a consultation to at least discuss my options and to not be afraid of change. After doing extensive research online for doctors in the southern California area, he came across Dr. Pousti’s website. One thing that caught our eyes was the fact that there were several people that had breast augmentation revisionary surgery by Dr. Pousti, meaning he has fixed several “bad boob jobs” done by other doctors. Another thing was that he specialized in larger implants. After reading a lot of the testimonials and learning of Dr. Pousti’s background and being board certified etc, we decided to schedule the consultation at his office. Upon meeting him, Jason and I felt immediately comfortable and excited when discussing what my options were with breast augmentation for my body type and the look I was trying to accomplish. Based on my low body fat and petite frame, Dr. Pousti suggested Silicone Gel implants. I was looking for a large size but knew I was limited because of my smaller frame and lack of a lot of skin elasticity as I have not had any children or fluctuated in weight ever. Dr. Pousti knew what I wanted and I felt confident that he would succeed in making my dream come true. He told me he could not promise what volume the implant would be but that he would keep in mind what I wanted to look like but not put my body at risk for potential complications. I scheduled the surgery a couple months later.

The day of surgery, I was so incredibly nervous but my wonderful fiancé kept the humor going to keep my mind off of it in the waiting room. He told me I would be fine and that he would wait with me till I went into surgery and would be waiting for me when I got out. Dr. Pousti drew the lines and prepared for my big day. He told me he would take “first class” care of me and I believed him. Well, a blink of an eye and I was out of surgery. Doc went and told Jason that surgery went smoothly and  I was 616cc’s bigger in the chest. Jason’s face lit up as he realized he is not only my fiancé, but my newly hired bodyguard as well. Waking up was very calm, the nurses took great care of me and I didn’t feel much other than a tiny bit of pressure in my chest. The painkillers prescribed kept me comfortable and recovery was very smooth. I was in the gym doing light walking after the first week. I am now 10 months out and I look and feel FABULOUS. Not only do I notice my amazing results but I have referred several friends his way, his work speaks for himself. I wear my new tank top “BODY BY POUSTI” with pride!!!

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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