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Dr. Tom Pousti

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
San Diego, California

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Pousti Plastic Surgery
8851 Center Dr.
San Diego, CA 91942

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Overall score given by rosiefromcali on 09/23/09


2009 July 22,2009
 I am excited to write this to all the possible patients that our considering going to see Dr. Pousti for cosmetic surgery. Let me began by telling my story about how I new nothing about Breast Augmentation and I had friends and family that had it done. I did not do much research So 2 years ago I had a breast augmentation done, and I went to a Doctor in San Diego, not much was explained to me, and I basically was told a size (425 cc) and went with it. I trusted the Doctor because I had two friends that had surgery with him. I was not happy with my surgery after about 3 months, because I didnt look much bigger than I was naturally. I am not a little petite person but maybe a little on the chubby side. I say this for a reason because I think Doctors need to look at every woman as we are all different in size and portion and what looks good on one does not always look good on another. Well to my horror two years later my left side deflated, and upon calling the original doctor to go back and fix it, I found out in the process, he had retired and now what was I going to do? I was horrified. Well Im glad that it worked out that way or I would have never come across Dr. Pousti and his staff. This time I set out to look at every plastic surgeon their was on the web and read everything and anything on them. And when I found Dr. Pousti, I read every single testimonial from his patients and I even looked him up on rate MD to insure that he had been licensed and had no problem complaints, and sure enough he did not have any complaints but he had only GREAT comments. On my first appointment his staff was so welcoming, and when I met him he was so pleasant and the one thing that stood out is I explained my past experience and that I was not happy and hated that I had to have surgery again! He assured me that he would take care of me and he did. He listened to what I wanted and he gave suggestions, he even suggested to go much bigger than I had asked and I let him know that at 42 I did not want to look Ridiculous and I laughed and he laughed and he said no way would I do that to you. So I let him go to 700cc but the day of the surgery he suggested 800cc and assured me again I would look good, and because of the comfort level I had developed on my visits with him I went for it. The surgery center staff was wonderful and made me feel so comfortable. They treated my sister and boyfriend just as well and let them go in the waiting room with me. What I most was moved by that when I went on the table for surgery, Dr. Pousti put the warming blankets on me, tucked me in! And made me comfortable, he did not have the nurse do it like it mostly happens in hospitals, he did and that was an even bigger Wow to me, it showed he cared and showed compassion in a scary moment. Who likes going under? I was nervous about that and him doing that made me at ease and out I went! I cannot tell you how happy I am, I have a cleavage like I asked, it goes with my size proportion, and I dont look Ridiculous! It been 4 months later, and when I walk in that office I still get the welcoming from his staff, Dr. Pousti, and his wife, that I did the first day I went there. I just had a minor removal of moles that were under my arms that bothered me and were irritating, again with Dr. Pousti today. I will go to no other!!! . I thank him and all of his staff for the great experience. A satisfied happy patient and more!

Rosie Chambers

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