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Dr. Tom Pousti

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
San Diego, California

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Pousti Plastic Surgery
8851 Center Dr.
San Diego, CA 91942

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as rated by girl420
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Overall score given by girl420 on 10/30/09


2008 I would like to start out by thanking Dr. Pousti and his staff for this life changing experience. When I decided to have this surgery, I researched information about the procedure I was interested in having performed. I felt educated enough to make the best decision in finding the most qualified doctor to perform the surgery. I started by making consultations at different counties including Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County. I had visited atleast 6 doctors prior to seeing Dr. Pousti for the first time.
             What stood out to me for me was his extensive training in reconstructive surgery. When I arrived to his office I felt welcomed by his amazing, curious staff all were and have been very helpful and friendlier than any other office I has previously visited. My husband had commented on the cleanliness and how organization of the office and staff was maintained. The consultation began Dr. Pousti greeted us and began by examining the area if procedure then asked ' Do we have any questions'. I let him know the results I was looking for. He answered all of our questions and gave us ample amount of information. Dr pousti was very professional and kind through his examination he showed personal attention to my needs. I know as soon as the consultation was over that Dr. Pousti was the right surgeon for me.
             I had visited Dr. Pousti many times after making the decision to get answers to new question I had. With each visit my confidence grew stronger that I had made the right choice. The day came before surgery, I had received a call from the hospital staff to remind me of the of the steps that I needed to do prior to surgery. The next morning when  arrived to the hospital again I felt very comfortable and was greeted by a very nice nurse who checked me in. I was given instructions and got prepared for the surgery. Immediately following that Dr. Pousti came in and greeted me we again went over the procedure. Dr Pousti was with me from the time of sedetion, he was also at my bed side upon waking up in the Recovery room.
             I was always positive on the out come of the procedure that was performed. I had complete trust that Dr. Pousti knew the results I was looking for and would do all possible and accurately to make that happen for me. He kept in touch with me through recovery with phone calls. The follow up visits went well, I felt great and remained positive. After 1 year from surgery and I am the most fit physically I have ever been. I am beyond pleased with the results and the quality of work I received from Dr. Pousti and his staff. I cannot express enough thanks to Dr. pousti and staff I truly appreciate the kindness I was shown throughout the pleasure of knowing Dr. Pousti. I don't regret this life altering experience and would recommend it to anyone that is interested in making a change.

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