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Dr. Tom Pousti

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
San Diego, California

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Pousti Plastic Surgery
8851 Center Dr.
San Diego, CA 91942

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Overall score given by ktlg on 04/13/10



It has been a year since my breast revision surgery and I want to thank Dr. Pousti and his great staff for the expertise and professional treatment I received.  Dr. Pousti is wonderful.  He has certainly met and gone above and beyond my expectations of a qualified plastic surgeon. This has been my third surgery and third plastic surgeon.  The first surgeon was a recommendation from a friend.  She was happy with her results and the cost was a little cheaper.  The office staff was nice and everything seemed fine.  After my breast augmentation surgery I could tell as the months went by that something was not quit right.  By six months I could see that my breasts were sliding down from the implants.  I should have had a breast lift done and I feel that the Dr. should have informed me of that.  I didn’t feel comfortable going back to him for a revision.  I researched a second Dr. and he had GREAT reviews and after a year from the first I had a revision done.  He was highly qualified and one of his offices was in “Beverly Hills”.  He was much more expensive.  I felt confident in him and his staff.  Well, it is too long of a story so I will just say that there were things that went wrong from the beginning before the surgery was even done.  Some miscommunications with a nurse and a few other things that led to a very unpleasant post op. Again, after the surgery I could tell something was wrong.  As the months went by one of my breasts continued to bottom out.  I still felt that the surgeon was highly skilled and could have fixed the problem but his attitude changed and he didn’t want to acknowledge all of my concerns.  This caused me great depression.  I had a revision date scheduled but both my husband and I felt I should look again at my options and search for another surgeon.  I got on the computer and found Dr. Pousti on a cite recommending plastic surgeons.  (My second Dr. was on there as well.)    He seemed special and after the first visit with him I knew he was.  Dr. Pousti acknowledged my concerns and did an amazing job of revising my breasts.  I wish I could have found Dr. Pousti the first time around. 


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