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Dr. Tom Pousti

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
San Diego, California

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Pousti Plastic Surgery
8851 Center Dr.
San Diego, CA 91942

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Overall score given by nikkif1989 on 07/23/10


2009 I think i've posted on here before, last november i got my breast augmentation and i'm extremely happy! I recently got scar revision done because i'm asian and tend to scar horribly. My scar wasn't even bad, i mean for my boobs i'd deal with any type of scaring haha. but once i came in for my follow up appointment my dr suggested that i get scar revision performed in his office to minimize the appearance. He offered to do it without cost (woo hoo more shopping money smiley ) and said that it could be done without putting me to sleep. Of course i was terrified to get this done because i HATE needles and i'd rather be nocked out but i trust him very much so i decided to go along with it. I went into his office, he took my back to his procedure room and then began with the numbing shots, the stuff kind of stings but its way better than feeling the whole thing :) after a little the area was completely numb yay! then he started removing the scar, it was really weird because i could see that he was working but couldn't feel anything, i was super nervous but his nurse was so friendly and talked to me the whole time which i think made it seem so fast, probably took only 3-4 min. then after that they sent me down in a wheel chair and the nurse waited for me while my ride got there. I dont have enough words to explain how happy i am with my results, my plastic surgeon and my new friends (his staff) thank you pousti girls!! and i'm proud to say that the other day when i was showing them off a girl had to ask where the incisions were :) THANK YOU DR POUSTI!!

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