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Dr. Thomas Rupp

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Dr. Rupp
4100 Lake Drive South East
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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Overall score given by grammy4 on 12/11/11


Not given I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 1997. When my doctor at that time suggested a different medication in 2004, I ended up in the hospital for nine days.  That was when I met Dr. Rupp.  He discovered that I had had a major allergic reaction to the medication and immediately switched me to a better med and Remicade.  Because of my Crohn's disease, I see Dr. Rupp annually and, when I get my Remicade infusion every eight weeks, he often stops by to say HI.  I have found Dr, Rupp and his precious nurses, Mary and Margaret, to be loving, caring, compassionate, thorough, dedicated, and absolutely wonderful.  He is an amazing doctor; his staff is incredible.  I can't imagine having a better doctor to handle my disease nor nurses to care for me.  There is absolutely no question in my mind that I would highly recommend Dr. Rupp.  HE IS THE BEST!!!

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