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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Thomas Kim

Leesburg, Florida

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Bright Smile Center
2225 N. Citrus Blvd
Leesburg, FL 34748

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2 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by fakerootcanal on 06/30/09


2 responses to this scorecard

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root canal I went into this dental office in march of 2001 for a tooth ache and i was told that I needed a root canal. I agreed to the root canal and went in one additional time for the work to be completed. And I was charged for the root canal.

I thought the root canal was completed because the dentist and his receptionist at the time made a 3rd appointment for a crown for me. Although, I was unable to come back due to being laid off and moving. I just figured I would get the crown put on somewhere else. 

I also had a small problem with him as far as collecting payment. This happened back in 2007. My insurance sent me his payment instead of sending it to his office. He called me one day at work and told me that he hadn't received the payment from my insurance yet. And that he had called them and they said that they sent it to me. At that time I hadn't received a check and I told him that on the phone. He wanted to argue with me about it on the phone because I refused to reimburse me for something that my insurance was suppose to pay unless I knew if I had the check. So I hung up on him because he wasn't getting the hint that i had to get back to work and I also told him that when I receive the check I'll come in a pay him but until then I'm not going to not pay my rent over this and went back to work. Not 5 minutes later he arrived at my job harassing me about this check. Apparently he didn't like my response. Once I received the check I went in and paid him for a root canal that wasn't done. 

In February of 2009 I went to a different dentist in Orlando and was told that there wasn't a root canal anywhere in my mouth and that the tooth that had the supposed root canal needed to be extracted.

In march of 2009 I went back to Dr. Kims office with an xray showing that there was not a root canal on that tooth. I also had a letter from my dentist that took the xray stating that he took it the xray.

Dr. Kim and 2 of his dental assistants agreed that the root canal wasn't finished. But he still made me jump through a bunch of hoops to get a portion of my money back. And he still has not sent me my dental records that asked for and he said that I would get them in about a week through the mail. I have not received anything.

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This scorecard was voted helpful -1 times

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Responses to fakerootcanal's scorecard

Comments by asuncion on 10/31/09, 10:17 am

So far Iam happy the way he is treating me and my husband. he is very professional.

Comments by Penvk on 01/28/17, 11:43 am

This story sounds like BS. Dr Kim is way too busy to go to your place of work. He does not call directly about the matter that you stated. He has a staff member or office manager who would take care of such matters.

As a dentist myself I can personally attest for how good a dentist he is.

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