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Dr. Theresa Clark

Dunn, North Carolina

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East Hill Medical Center
Tiligman Dr
Dunn, NC 28334

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Overall score given by boo15 on 09/09/13


1 responses to this scorecard

2013 She does not care for the well being of her patients. She is only interested in the money. I went in with tremors because she had stopped my meds. Was laughed at and had the athorities called on me. she also stated she is above the law and will not release medical records or let the patient review them. She also treats patients with rudeness. She stated that people deserve what they get.

Additional comments posted on 09/09/13:
She is not a MD, nor does she have one located in her office at any time..she is a PA

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Responses to boo15's scorecard

Comments by Lucky on 01/14/17, 2:39 pm:

I went to her and she DID find my Cancer .  She was always nice to me and wife . BUT I went to a appointment one day , and when I got there , the office was empty . NOTHING ! Don't know what the hell happened to any of my records ? ? ? ?

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