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Dr. Susan Goodlerner

Torrance, California

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Dr Goodlerner
23451 Madison Street Suite 330, Building 7
Torrance, CA 90505

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Overall score given by eviebabie on 10/05/10


1 responses to this scorecard

2010 I would not recommend this Doctor to anyone.  She told me at my appt. today that she did not want me as a patient anymore because I had called and cancelled an appointment on the same day months earlier.  She was rude, uncaring, inconsiderate and I felt she wasted my time by having me come in to the office, why wasn't I told when I made the appointment? Also, she denied my refill prescription for a skin condition, (which I use weekly) which could possibly delay treatment.  What kind of Doctor does this?????  

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Responses to eviebabie's scorecard

Comments by averageman on 12/30/11, 9:41 am

The dr was very accomodating to my schedule and proceeded to do a procedure the same day for me that otherwise would have had to be put off . She was professional and did a nice job with agood bedside manner , consequently I would recomend her to all interested in quality care .

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