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Dr. Susan Fox

Ob/Gyn (Obstetrics & Gynecology) /
MIAMI, Florida

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8501 SW 124TH AVE Suite 211
MIAMI, FL 33183

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Hialeah Office
2801 West 12th Ave
Hialeah, 33010

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4 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by gatornurse on 07/23/08


4 responses to this scorecard

This scorecard was voted helpful +7 times

2008 I went to Dr. Susan Fox's office this past spring, and I had a horrible experience there.  Going to the gynecologist is bad enough, but Dr. Susan Fox and most of her staff do not care about the patients.  The one 'receptionist' who takes your insurance card acts as though you are bothering her by being there.  You are herded from one waiting room to the next.  When you are asked your personal medical information, you are talking to someone in a room without a door when you are disclosing private information.  This is clearly a HIPPA violation.  The waiting room is about 10 feet away and people are walking back and forth - there is no privacy .

Then when I saw the doctor, she didn't even introduce herself.  I had asked to see the nurse practitioner when I made an appointment there.  Only did she say who she was when I asked, 'Are you the nurse practitioner?' 

A couple of weeks later, a lay person who barely speaks English called to give me my lab results over the phone.  When further questioned about the interpretation of these results, she could not answer.  Why is Dr. Fox having someone who isn't even in the least medically educated call people with lab results?

Then when I went there to get a copy of my lab results as I vowed to myself that I would never step foot in that place again, I had to PAY to get a copy of my medical information. 

The overall feel of the clinic is uncaring andextremely unprofessional.  Most ob/gyns take you into their offices once the exam is over to discuss further issues.  Dr. Fox did not do this at all.  I will make it my mission to deter any woman I know from ever stepping foot into that office.

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This scorecard was voted helpful +7 times

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Responses to gatornurse's scorecard

Comments by ttoranzo on 07/31/08, 9:29 am

OMG! R u serious, I was going to make an appoinment with Dr. Susan Fox this week, I had to change Gyno's b/c of my insurance, my previous doctor's Dr/ Jason and Geoffrey James, fantastic doctors, did not except my current insurance, unfortunately! : ( But I wanted to some research on this Susan Fox before I made an appt. and the first thing I read on her is your posting! WOW, I'm sorry for your bad experience, going to the OBGYN is so important, and u get treated like that! I suggest u try calling my old doctors, unless u found someone else, they are great, father and son practice, they r jewish, and are awesome, DR. JASON JAMES helped me through the birth of my second son, I couldn't have done it w/o him!!!!! Highly recommended!

Comments by gatornurse on 08/01/08, 8:06 am

Yes, I wish that I had found this website before going to Dr. Fox - you are better off going to anyone else but her!!!  It's just a horrible way to practice medicine!

Comments by jorgeulloa on 05/03/09, 4:47 pm

 Same to me and my wife, we changed doctors, because Dr. Susan was so cold and unprofessional with us. The other/new Gyno's office requested my wife's file and they did not send. i went over there to requested and they would charged me per page.

Comments by PatientDoneWrong on 09/22/09, 2:02 pm

OMG! I completely agree with all your comments. And I too, wish I had visited this website. I had the most horrible and traumatic experience at Pavilion for Women's Care! Dr. Fox is so unprofessional and rude, same as her staff. They also called me with lab results but couldn't even answer simple questions. They make you wait 2 hrs at least to be seen. You're very right in your comments about the front desk girls and the privacy issue. All of these things are violations against patients. I'm just surprised that even with all these horrible testimonials, people still go to her. It was such a huge mistake to ever visit Dr. Fox's practice, I too hope that other women can read these comments and NEVER go to her.

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