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Dr. Sunil Patel

Farifax, Virginia

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3020 Hamaker Court
Farifax, VA 22031

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Overall score given by CAFB on 10/27/14


2014 Dr. Patel was consulted for incontinence. After a few tests he told me my problem was age related and little could be done. He prescribed a medication. The pharmacy lost and could not find the prescription. I called the office of Dr. Patel and asked for a copy of the prescription. The ofiice policy was to charge for a copy of a prescription (about 2 days after the appointment!!!). I called the office 5 times trying to talk to Dr. Patel because I felt this overcharge was not fair. I left requests so Dr. Patel could call me back at the time of his choice. No call back, no prescription.
The staff arrogant and rude. Do the servants follow the behavior of their masters? I don't know. Dr. Patel was not available to call me back or issue a copy of the prescription. Copy of the prescription excluded from the charge of near $200.00 for the appointment. Phone calls not in the repertoire of Dr. Patel.

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