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Dr. Suhail M Hadi

New York, New York

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New York, NY

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Overall Score
as rated by Taya786
Year of Treatment
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Overall score given by Taya786 on 03/13/12


2012 First I would like to give some background on my condition.I have vitiligo since the past 5 years and it's slowing progressing,I have been to a dermatologist and they explained to me there is not cure and prescribed some topical meds..I used the meds for a few months but it didn't help me much, and also I wanted to have children and the medicine was not good if you are wanting to have children...
     So I didn't do anything after that as I thought there is no cure,and also I didn't bother me that much as it was not on my face at that time..then it started to spread to my face,and it really bothered me as I'm really young ,and I have to keep using cover up every time I go outside..
        So hema neighbor referred me to Dr. Hadi, because he went to him for his vitiligo treatment,and it has improved significantly ....So I went to his office last week and had to see Dr. levit first,and I was about 30 mins late as it was my first time in manhattan and I couldn't find parking..I met with Dr. Levit how was very nice and pleasant to talk to and understood my concern...
    Since I was late Dr. Hadi was at lunch,and was suppose to come back at 2:00 so it was 1:20 me and my husband decieded to go for lunch,when we came back,he was in his office, and we had to wait....Now about 4-6 ppl came after us and Dr. Hadi took them before us...
But there's no need to get upset about it ,because the fact is I was late so he doesn't have to take me,but he still did after first taking the patients who are on time for there appointments,it's not fair to them if I'm late...also Dr. Hadi asked me if I can wait because it will take him time...
     I think he is a wonderful Dr. And I highly recommend anyone to him,I just started the treatment so can't really say anything about that except that my neighbor has seen great results,and that even if it don't work at least I know I tried and I had a great Dr for support...
        Btw: I don't usually write reviews,but I was looking online regarding laser and vitiligo,and read the previous comment about Dr. Hadi,so I thought I share my thoughts as well...
If your on time he will take you, if not you will have to wait,it's not fair to other ppl,also if your late usually Drs don't take you,so I guess I must have been lucky that he still took me...
    Also not taking a patient on time,doesn't determine if a dr is qualified or not...Hope this helps anyone else....

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