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Dr. Steven Hadaway

Veterinarian (animal doctor)
St. Joseph , Michigan

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Perfect Pet Products
2544 Austin Trail
St. Joseph , MI 49085

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Overall Score
as rated by mel27
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Overall score given by mel27 on 12/02/07



Should have left as soon as I walked in.  The place smelled horrible.  Stale feces and urine smell.  And it was filthy.  Should have been a clue.  Dr. Hadaway did minimal care - laceration on my dog's neck.  Didn't clean it out, said there was too much hair to clean it out!  Acted as if he was in a hurry! Gave 2 injections, an antibiotic and that was it!  For $298!!

Our regular vet was out of town so we went to Dr. hadaway.  She came back 2 days later, and we went to her for follow up, the wound was infected because of all the hair and dirt left in it.  She sedated our dog, cleaned out all the debris, clipped all the hair surrounding the wound.  She gave us pain medication also, which Dr. Hadaway did not do. 

I'll spend whatever it takes on my dog, but I also want good quality care!  This not available with Dr. Hadaway at Animal Care Center in Benton Harbor!!!  DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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