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Dr. Stephen Stokes

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Fort Myers, Florida

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Advanced Pain Solutions,llc
13730 Cypress Terrace Cir. Suite 401
Fort Myers, FL 33907

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(239) 275-7575

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Overall score given by Charlie61 on 10/20/16


3 responses to this scorecard

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2016 Read his book and eventually went in to see him about some pain I was having. On vacation in Fort Myers. Knows alot about treating without drugs. I was interested in Gua Sha treatment which I did 6 and found it helped alot. Cost me $75 a visit about 30 minutes. Also had a laser treatment. Did not take my insurance but was worth it for me. I would recommend him and read his book. -Charlie Whing 

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Responses to Charlie61's scorecard

Comments by Kim99 on 10/25/16, 4:23 pm

Also read book--Not Impressed! If all this crap  were possible, Dr. Stokes wouldn't be needed.
Just another way to fleece $30.00.

Comments by HEALTHRIDER on 10/30/16, 5:26 pm

Doctor Stokes mentioned there was a Troll on this site and actually gave me a copy of his book to review. I am not a patient of Dr. Stokes but I am a closet health nerd. First the book sells for 20 not 30 dollars, so I doubt if Kimm99 actually bought a book. Right away it discredits her review. However I read the entire book and found it to be absolutely incredible. Wow. There is so much information in this book my head is spinning. In fact this is my biggest problem with the book, it has way to much information, I felt like it should have been 2 books. There is a whole section about Dr. Stokes personal life and his own struggle with back pain that was so interesting again Isuggest a seperate book unto itself and then there was the 7 steps to healing. Everything seemed very reasonable, certain herbs like Turmeric and Ginger are mentioned, digestive enzymes, low carb diets, fasting, lasers and acupuncture are all explained in detail. There is a section on hormones that takes about masterbation, using vibrators and penis pumps that through me for a surprise but in context it made sense. I also really enjoyed all the little quotes and extras, there is a weird picture and saying on the last page of the book that talks about Kundalini yoga and freemasonry that I don't understand but again I would say this book is certainly not boring. Even if you think this information is really out there I cannot see how anyone would not be entertained by this information, certainly worth the $20 price tag, there are some typos and spelling errors you will need to see past but in my opinion this book id the best Self Help Healing Book I have ever read, and my bookshelf if full of them. See for yourself: or ask the doctor for a free copy in exchange for a review like I did.

Comments by Markus11 on 10/30/16, 10:29 pm

I agree, read the book, it was brillant, obviously this person, Kim99 never read Dr. Stokes book... So many haters out there. That coded saying at the end is Jehovah. Not sure what that is about but perhaps Dr.Stokes is a Jehovah's Witness? The skull and latin saying are some sort of Freemason thing. I googled it. Pretty weird book with alot of suggestions for healing the body. The chapter on Mitochondria energy production was cool, I never realized they were like aliens living inside of me.

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