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Dr. Stephen O'connell

Family Physician or General Practitioner / Aesthetics
Bellevue, Washington

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Serenity Rejuvenation
41 148th Ave Se
Bellevue, WA 98007

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(425) 654-5044

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Overall score given by anonymous on 10/02/17


anonymous edited this scorecard on 10/02/17

2017 I would most definitely NOT recommend seeing Dr Stephen O'Connell.  I had a very negative experience with him.  The first problem was that he was a full HOUR late for my appointment and when I asked him why he was late, he exploded on me like a child having a tantrum.  It was very weird and unprofessional.

I had the feeling that Dr. O'Connell did not have a lot of experience doing aesthetics because he seemed very unsure of himself while he treated me.  The treatment that I got was also a total sham.  I paid about $2K for laser resurfacing and it did not have the results that O'Connell promised.  I tried talking to him and his staff, but they just threatened to sue me!  Good grief.  Who does that?? 

Don't take the risk with Dr. O'Connell, you'll regret it.

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