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Dr. Shirley Anain

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Buffalo, New York

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4949 Harlem Rd Suite 302
Buffalo, NY 14075

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Overall score given by scared1 on 03/23/12


1 responses to this scorecard

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Not given Worst doctor i ever came across,i wish i had done some research before choosing her,terriable bed side manners,tells you something than says she never said it,uses paper towels in open wounds,lucky if you get 5 minutes with her,there is no nurse everyone in her office looks like kids working you get no gown and never tells you everything before surgery,she says how beautiful you are going to look,boy if you could see me know my god i'm a mess......Take these words to heart because they are true and i'm a victim of this so called surgeon, some research there are many good surgeons out there! sad

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This scorecard was voted helpful -1 times

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Responses to scared1's scorecard

Comments by Notinlalaland on 03/28/12, 9:28 pm

So if you thought she was so terrible, why did you ever go back more than once. Sounds like you have been there multiple times from your comments..., you never get a gown, she never tells you anything before surgery, how many times did you see her? If you were so unhappy, why did you ever go back? Doesn't sound too smart!!
I have seen her multiple times, have had her do multiple procedures and couldn't be happier with her, her skills, her bedside manner ,the outcome and her staff. I would recommend her to all and everyone , best doctor I have seen. Very thorough , explains everything Before  hand, in laymens terms and is quite the perfectionist! I would also recommend that everyone do their research before surgery and you will find that Dr. Shirley Anain is one of the best in her field!!

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