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Dr. Sharon Lachette VMD

Veterinarian (animal doctor)
White Haven, Pennsylvania

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White Haven Veterinary Hospital
HC 1 Box 10 B Route 940
White Haven, PA 18661

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Overall score given by OurDoggie on 03/11/09



I had never used a boarding facility in the past for my dog 'Sam'.  I always had family nearby.  Since we've moved to the state we haven't had anyone to pet sit.  I recently took 'Sam' to his annual appointment at the vet (White Haven Vet. Hospital) and had mentioned my vacation coming up to one of the nurses.  She had one of the receptionist give me a tour of the boarding facility and gave me a packet of information about their grooming and boarding services.  I felt so much more comfortable knowing I could board my dog while I was away and had the hospital services right there in any case 'Sam' needed it.  The boarding lodge is so nice and roomy for the dogs and they can even go outside in their own runs.  I took advantage of his time away and even signed him up for a day at the grooming spa!

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