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Dr. Shannon Sinsheimer

Alternative Natural Medicine
Palm Desert, California

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Optimal Health
74361 Highway 111
Palm Desert, CA 92260

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760 568 2598

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3 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by Nickki on 10/18/17


3 responses to this scorecard

2016 Shannon was nice but gave me a medical drug rhat was a form of poisen, she wouldnt tell me the name and said to trust her. I am now not working and on disability. My life is ruined. Dont take an medicine she gives you. I am bed ridden . i thought natural path give nature vitamins, please dont go to her. I cry every day..

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Responses to Nickki's scorecard

Comments by Babyface on 10/20/17, 8:45 am

Shannon studied in India and recommended some medicine from that area.. I was worried if it was FDS approved.. she assured me it was so i decided to see if it helped my irritable bowel..The pills put me in the hospital and now I am home but want people to not use her pills from India.. I called the FDa and they said they cant regulate what she does because she is a natural path and thay is what they do.. If you have used her just dont use her pills. Go and get your own vitamins because hers are not effective and didnt help me..

Comments by Sillypuddy on 10/20/17, 1:47 pm

Oh my.. where do I begin. shannon is not someone who listens and then gives you a list of drugs.. not vitamins..I got so sick on a supplement., ie plant poisen.. that cause me to lose sleep for a week. i should have known planrs were as dangerous as drugs.  Find another natural path. She isnt into vitamins.l she is into plant based drugs.. wish I could sleep another sound night.

Comments by Cutiepie on 10/23/17, 4:24 pm

Shannon was studying in india and gave me some potion that I believe wasnt FDA approved. The bark was for my arthritis and now i have a blood issue. The doctor at the emergency room told me it was toxic, dont go to these doctor thay claim they are natural. Even natural is dangerous. Please help me aNd dont go to shannon, 

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