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Vaccines Not Nutritious

Your body does not require: Aluminum, Mercury, Polysorbate 80, or Formaldehyde, yet they are commonly found in vaccines... Says Dr. Suzanne Humphries
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Dr. Seria

Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania

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Lower Burrell, PA 15068

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Overall score given by Patricia71 on 04/14/17


1977-2016 This doctor is a money-grabbing coward. After being his patient for 40 years!!, he stopped accepting my insurance. OK, that happens and I understand. Here's what I don't understand...He never sent me notification that he is dropping my insurance, giving me a chance to find a new doctor. In fact, the slug sent me an appt reminder card, then, when I called for an appt because I need contacts, his ignorant staff told me he wouldn't see me.

This slug didn't even have the balls to come out and tell me to my face, he hid in the back.  When I demanded he call me, he refused.  Do not go to this greedy pig.

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