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Dr. Scott Sauer

Pain Management
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Coastal Interventional Pain
210 Village Center Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

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(843) 903-9031

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Overall Score
as rated by IreneHRN
Year of Treatment
Overall score given by IreneHRN on 04/02/13


2012 I am a recent transplant to Myrtle Beach. Dr. Sauer was on the list of my insurance company providers.  I had my medical records sent to his office from several doctors that had been treating me.  It took  6 weeks to have an appointment with Dr. Sauer.  The office is inconveniently located but in a lovely building.  I sat in the waiting room, optimistically anticipating the beginning of a new doctor-patient relationship.  I had CD's of CAT scans, MRI's, radiology reports and even X-rays with me.

Dr. Sauer is a young, handsome man, who entered the examining room and spoke rudely to me.  I thought he was having a bad day.  I ignored it.  We discussed my  problems, apparently he had an attitude that I was a drug addict and he continued to speak to me very rudely.  I was asked to 'gather your belongings' by his medical assistamt (I never knew her name) and I was being walked to the door, so I thought.  Suddenly she opened a bathroom door and shoved a cup in my hand and asked for a specimen.  I accommodated the request.  I thought this was odd too, as I am paying for labs, should I not be asked or informed?  I asked if I could get a renewal of ,my prescriptions, ordered by my former doctors (I had provided the empty containers).  I was rudely given the prescriptions.  I asked about a follow up, and Dr. Sauer was very curt with me.  But I did get a visit.  I left there in tears, as I was never treated so badly by anyone.  I was in shock.

I spoke with my medical doctor about this, and as I broached the subject, I became tearful.  I couldn't believe I was reacting this way just describing my encounter to my medical doctor.  It was suggested to me that some doctors do this to keep out the drug addicts.  I decided to return for my second visit, as I have no drug addiction at all. I'm up for it.

The second visit, the doctor came into the examining room, and again he was so rude to me, I told him that perhaps I should seek another doctor, and he said, 'I think that's a good idea'.  I left the examining room in tears.  I asked for him to give me a copy of my records (meaning the ones I had sent to him, as well as his).  I was provided with one sheet of paper from my first visit, my prescriptions and the secretary told me she would mail me the results of my second visit.

Several days later, I received a copy of my transcribed examination.  He wrote that I came in ' looking for drugs and stormed out of the office'.   Honestly, this was not the case.  I am a  NY State Registered Nurse.

I went to my medical doctor and burst uncontrollably into tears describing my second encounter.  He recommended another doctor.  I went to this doctor who saw me within one week and he asked about my former doctor.  I was very embarrassed, but I told him what happened.  I offered my copies of examinations from Dr. Sauer, but he wanted a doctor to doctor report.  He asked me if I would give him a specimen to check for drugs and I willingly obliged. 

On my next visit, my new doctor told me that he had repeatedly requested his notes, but Dr. Sauer would not provide them.  I provided my copy to my new doctor.  He received the report of my specimens and I was clear!!!!!

I am sorry to say based on my encounters with Dr. Scott Sauer, I would never see him again, for any reason.

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