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Dr. Scott E Rollins

Family Physician or General Practitioner / Hormone Replacement HRT
Grand Junction, Colorado

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Integrative Medicine Center
2470 F Road
Grand Junction, CO 81505

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Overall score given by matcat on 06/19/13


2013 I have been seeing this doctor for 2 years and I have never met him.  He uses nurses to do all of his work.  The office staff will not allow you to talk to this doctor.  They say you will have to pay to talk to him.  I told them OK I will pay but they will not let me talk to him.  I get Hormone Replacement Therapy there.  He has a blood test done every year.  After the blood test he is supposed to be reviewing it.  I think he does because one time he changed my prescription drastically without even consulting me after he got the blood test.  I was never told that this change was made.  I started getting migraines every day.  I called and asked to talk to someone about it.  The staff would not let me talk to anyone.  I called the pharmacy and that is when I was told that a huge change was made to the prescription.  After 3 weeks of having a migraine every day I finally got an appointment to see the nurse and she changed the medication back to what it was before.  I am not sure if others have had this problem but it makes me uncomfortable to never see a doctor and to have the blood tests done and never have a meeting to review them before changes are made.  I am self pay but I always pay.  This type of medicine is not usually covered by insurance.  The problems I have came from having a complete hysterectomy when I was a young woman.

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