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Dr. Sam Banks

Veterinarian (animal doctor)
Mattaponi, Virginia

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Tri-County Animal Hospital
Route 33
Mattaponi, VA 23110

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1 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by gizzy on 02/02/17


1 responses to this scorecard

2017 In emergency situation, I went to Tri-County Veterinary, West Point, Va

My 5 year dachshund was hit by a car. I choose the closet vet over mine own during normal working hours. Dr. Sam Banks, was reasonably priced, seemed knowledgeable, was nice, did answer my questions in a polite way. He took ex-rays of my dogs two front paws/legs. He had a Ulna break on his front right leg at the joint.

I asked why he wasn't going to split or wrap the leg. He explained it would cause the joint/leg to freeze.The radius bone in the leg is the main bone and will hold the ulna bone in place. He will be fine. Keep him crated, quite, and calm. Give him 4-6 weeks he will be fine.

I took my poor fur baby home to see him in pain, crying, and whimpering, every time he tried to even move. I called Dr Banks and questioned him again about the leg not being in a split, and no pain medication. He said, the dog is a FOOL if he won't be still. And insisted this was the best treatment.

I listened to my poor baby whimper all night. Took him to another vet for a 2nd opinion, the next day. Mind you I called several vets and got the same response. I even forwarded the ex-rays to the vets that Dr. Banks took. Yes, the diagnosis was correct. Was the treatment done in a humane way? No. The vet sedated my baby, and put his leg in a splint to help the bone heal and not be in so much pain, by a vet that had some compassion!!

What you get with Dr. Banks- IS CHEAP! Nice!, NO Compassion. You pay for what you get. Go to Dr. Banks for shots and maybe to clip your dogs toenails.

Hopefully this will help the next person choose another vet when its a serious matter!

No animal deserves to be in pain, when they don't have to! 


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Responses to gizzy's scorecard

Comments by Concernedpetrescuer on 10/04/17, 8:59 pm:

Dr. Banks has hired a girl who has a drug problem and has been fired from numerous jobs for drugs and account fraud on customers pet. DO NOT GO HERE!! Your personal information and your animals are at risk here. If a vet is negligent enough to hire someone without a proper background check and knowing she has a drug problem think about how negligent he will be with your pets. 

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