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Dr. Sadiq Sohani

Pain Management
Dalton, Georgia

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1413 Chattanooga Ave
Dalton, GA 30720

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Overall Score
as rated by tricia673
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Overall score given by tricia673 on 02/28/13


2007-2012 Dr. Sohani saved my life.  After 7 knee surgeries I was left in constant pain.  I would not take my pain meds regularly, so the pain was not relieved.  My doctor sent me to Dr. Sohani's office where the medical staff and doctor explained about waiting too long to take the pills and then them not working.  He started me on a regimen, that after two weeks was working well.  The staff and Dr. Sohani have always been nice.  I never had to wait more then 10 minutes to get called in.  At times I needed an injection in my spine for sciatica.  It was done in what looked like a hospital OR.  I so appreciate the the process and time they took to keep everything sterile while doing this procedure.  I just moved miles away and really miss this, as the first clinic I went too(and left) was like an old doctors office with dirty carpeting and old chairs.  I might add that the 6 inch needle in the spine did not hurt, for which I was really scared the first time.  Because of the up to date equipment and his expertise, I was relaxed, kept sterile and not in pain.  I really appreciate them even more, now that I am looking for a pain clinic in my new state.
PS:  I do not know his mother, and write this from my experience only.

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