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Dr. Sabrina BarÉ

Montreal, Quebec

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Clinique De Sante Et D Esthetique Dentaire
61-1155 Metcalfe , Quebec
Montreal, QC

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514 -392-1110

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1 responses to this scorecard
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Overall score given by Qubecois on 02/26/13


1 responses to this scorecard

2012  Dr Sabrina Baré  is very unprfessional, rough, pushy, uncaring, and she just wants your money! She fixed chips I didn't need fixed, replaced fillings I didn't need replaced, and the things I needed done, she didn't do and most of my coverage was used up in that one visit. Her office harrass' me go back to her but I'm afraid of what else she may miss or do that doesn't need to be done. No wonder she goes through staff like she does! 

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Responses to Qubecois' scorecard

Comments by Lepatient on 06/22/17, 11:27 am:

le Docteur bare n'a aucune ethique professionnelle, elle veut juste votre argent. elle m'a pose une courone qui a craque au moment meme de la pose et elle a toujours nie ce fait. 2 mois apres une partie de la courone se detachait. actuellement je me retrouve a payer 1200$ pour une nouvelle courone que mes assurance refuse de prendre car ca fait moins de 5 ans.

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