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Dr. Roger Weiderhorn

Alexandria, Virginia

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Alexandria Urological Associates
2616 Sherwood Hall Ln
Alexandria, VA 22306

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Overall score given by noako on 07/23/06


noako edited this score on 12/26/06

This scorecard was voted helpful +2 times


Dr. Wiederhorn nearly killed me when he told me I had cancer when I did not have cancer and he then botched an operation causing me to be tube fed for a year

A. Roger Wiederhorn, MD

Not Recommended - Risky and Unsafe

Was with Alexandria Urological Associates & now with the US FDA

Go to or copy and paste into your browser for the full story.

They Told Me I Had Kidney Cancer When I Did Not Have Cancer

 They Operated for Cancer and Removed My Kidney Anyway

They Mistakenly Cut My Intestine Several Times During Their Operation 

They Did Not Fix Their Surgical Mistakes 

Their Blunders Required My Hospitalization & Tube Feeding For A Year

 I had to find and pay another doctor to fix me a year after their mistakes 

Their Mistakes Permanently Damaged Me 

The More Mistakes They Made, The More Money They Pocketed

 I would have been better off going to a Primitive Witch Doctor


Please Don't Let This Happen To You. 


Please see my photos before and after their mistakes.

Shortly after he botched my operation Wiederhorn left his practice and went to work with the US FDA and he changed the title to his home into a Trust in his wife's name.


A. Roger Wiederhorn, MD


My Preferences for My Medical Treatment

  •           I  would prefer that they had done a biopsy before the operation to confirm that I did not have cancer, which they did not do. 

  •             I would prefer that they had not told me that I needed a kidney operation immediately so that I would have had time to get a second opinion from competent doctors.

  •          I would prefer that they had done a frozen section biopsy at the beginning of the operation to confirm that I did not have cancer.

  •         Since I did not have cancer I would prefer that they had not removed my kidney.

  •          I would prefer that they had removed only the small benign tumor on my kidney which is what the competent doctors did for Sir Sean Connery. 

  •          MOST IMPORTANT, I would prefer that they had not mistakenly cut my duodenum several times during their operation. 

  •             I would prefer that they would have had the proper medical skills to safely do an operation on me.

  •          If they did not have the skills to safely do an operation on me I would prefer that they had referred me to competent doctors who did have those skills.     

  •             I would prefer to have NOT been tube fed and bedridden for a year due to their mistakes.

  •          I would prefer that they had fixed their mistakes, which they did not do. 

  •             I would prefer to not pay enormous amounts of money for their mistakes.

  •             I would prefer that they not pocket more money for making  more mistakes, which they did anyway.

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This scorecard was voted helpful +2 times

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