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Dr. Roger Bassin

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Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Tampa, Florida

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Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery
4504 Wishart Blvd
Tampa, FL 33603

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Bassin Center For Facial Plastic Surgery
1705 Berglund Lane Suite 103
Viera, FL 32940

Bassin Center For Plastic Surgery Tampa
4504 Wishart Place
Tampa, FL 33603



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Overall score given by flgirl95 on 10/08/15


1 responses to this scorecard

Not given Went to See Dr Bassin for a consultation in his Melbourne Florida office.  I was excited.  After filling out the paper work the nurse took me back to a room, the first thing they had me do was watch a video about the procedure ThermaCool.  Felt very sales oriented to me.  The Dr Bassin came in the room.  Took a quick look and said it would be perfect for me.  I was then taken to his office to talk about price.  I asked to see before and after photos.  I was given a book to look at, I noticed that some of the photos were the same photos I had seen on line before, so I asked if these were his actual patients.  He said no not all.  I knew then he was not for me.  He is a salesman not a surgeon.  I am so glad I left there and never looked back.  I woke up and found a wonderful Board Certified Plastic Surgeon!  A real Doctor who wanted to help me not sell me something.  I am so happy with my results.  Please Use a Board Certified Plastic surgeon.  Do research, read reviews before not after your procedure.  Oh, my procedure was less expensive than the so called ThermaCool would have been.  I have wonderful results, it is due to the skill of the surgeon, not the tool he used.

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Responses to flgirl95's scorecard

Comments by luciawaters on 06/24/17, 2:30 pm

Roger Bassin ruined my life. He performed a fat transfer to my face 9 years ago. I experienced the most excruciating pain I have ever known while being prepped for surgery. In retrospect, I should have jumped right off the table right then and there and left.  I have recently learned that Bassin was not even certified.  After all these years I still bear what looks like 2 enlongated fat pillars on each side of my nose. This fat transfer is permanent and I have to live with it the rest of my life. What was I thinking. I hate looking at my self.  My image looks like those you see in a fun house mirror. I die a little bit each day. Please, please to NOT let Bassin near you.

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