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Dr. Rodney Vivian

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Dr. Rodney Vivian And Associates
8000 5 Mile Road Suite 240
Cincinnati, OH 41018

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Overall score given by Clairabella on 03/13/18


2018 I'm hoping this will save other families years of grief we went through and are still going through thanks to the complete ineptitude of this doctor. My daughter started seeing Dr. Vivian in high school for ADHD. We put up with the rude, hateful staff, 1-2 hour waits, and condescending, dogmatic treatment by the doctor bc no other psychiatrists in the area were accepting new patients and we gave him the benefit of the doubt because, although eccentric and rude, he was credentialed. We should've followed our instincts and tried harder to find someone who could and would really help her, because after years of overmedicating her with no CBT, she's 100x worse off than when she first saw him with many new problems and issues. AVOID this horrible 'doctor' at all costs!!

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