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Dr. Robert Van Der Kraan

Veterinarian (animal doctor)
Huntsville, Ontario

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Van Der Kraan Veterinary Services
55 Centre Street North
Huntsville, ON

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Overall score given by Lake13 on 08/21/13


2013 I never got to meet Dr. Van der Kraan but I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in his business practices. I arrived at his office right at opening time, I was told Dr. Van der Kraan was available, there were no other patients waiting, the parking lot was empty, and I had a dog in distress with an eye injury. I was told that the dog could not be seen because I'd never come to the clinic before. I explained that I was a seasonal resident and my regular vet was more than 2000 miles away. TOO BAD for me and my dog. Dr. Van der Kraan doesn't see animals in an emergency situation that he hasn't seen before even though there are NO EMERGENCY VET FACILITIES in Huntsville, ON. Not only does this business practice show a lack of compassion for wounded animals in distress it seems like poor business practice to turn away a paying customer when you are available and have no other clients waiting.

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