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Dr. Robert Polsky

Glenview, Illinois

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Chicago Lakeshore Hospital
Glenview, IL 60025

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Overall score given by panina on 10/02/07


1 responses to this scorecard

2007 This doctor works for an insurance company.  He kicks children out of hospitals  against the advice of treating doctors,while they are still sick, and while they still have coverage available, by saying they are not sick enough to need to stay in the hospital.  He does not care if they have  outpatient treatment set up. He says no even when treating doctors beg for more time for their patients.  If you don't believe this, ask him yourself.

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Responses to panina's scorecard

Comments by TFG on 12/03/07, 12:15 pm

I have had the same problem. Refused to certify continued treatment after my son was already admitted. Claimed he made a little progress towards recovery so should be discharged. Go figure, the treatment was working so why do we need it anymore?

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