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Dr. Robert Fred Beckman

General Surgeon / General and Trauma Surgury
St. Louis, Missouri

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The Surgical Group South, L.L.C.
12700 Southfork Road
St. Louis, MO 63128

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Overall score given by westof141 on 08/23/08


westof141 edited this scorecard on 08/25/08

2005 Dr. 'Fred' Beckman, is one of the finest surgeons in the entire St. Louis Metropolitan Area, bar none. He deeply and intently listens to his patients fully as well as expertly explains all surgical and recovery dynamics, fully answering all client & family questions and concerns.

Picture him as Alan Alda's original bearded sidekick 'Trapper John' in the hit TV-series 'M.A.S.H.'. He is not at-all crass like Harry Morgan's character could be !

Dr. Fred Beckman's exceedingly adept level of compassion and ethics, expertise, humour, hospitality, is very well mentored evidently unto his superior office staff, expert surgical team with 'super ansthesiologist' (always take him up on the 1 gram of prophylactic antibiotic to prevent the MERSA-virus, as well as the anti-anxiety med !), and now the entire Medical Staff of St. Anthony's Medical Center where Dr. Beckman performs his surgical artistry !!!

My surgery in 2005 followed to-the-tee of what I was able to expect from Dr. Beckman's team, precisely as foretold me during my initial consultation with him. St. Anthony's is a great place to have surgery and recover - but remember, even if you are a strong individual as I thought I was, having invasive laproscopic surgery and out the same day driven home by family members as I was - take the nurses best suggestion of having an anti-nausea additive placed in your I.V. during recovery !!  After all, your drive home coming off all the anesthesia is enough to make you car-sick as it did me, on the way home, so do you and your family the favor of the anti-nausea additive, as well as having your prescription filled at the Hospital, and not having to wait at any pharmacy drive through.

Dr. Beckman's Team and the entire St. Anthony's staff are to be highly commended in their follow-up efforts that same day after we got home, as well as for 2 weeks thereafter, until I was able to meet in-person at Dr. Beckman's office and receive a digital photo 'memento' of my surgury, and for The Doc to give me his final check-up.

I'm convinced The Angels of God stand beside this great surgeon and mentor to his staff at all times !

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