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Dr. Robert Bernstein

Endocrinologist / Diabetes, Internal Medicine
New York, New York

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425 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019

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Overall score given by anonymous on 06/19/11


1 responses to this scorecard

2007-2011 I agree with the other 2 patients who left comments. I did not have a good experience with Doctor B in terms of his manners and service. Also, he tends to mumble and looks like he's bored with me when I see him. When I became hypothyroid he did prescribe synthetic T4 that made me feel better overtime, though never 100%. Also, I became concerned that this may have caused my infertility. When I asked him to maybe consider additional/alternative treatment, he blatantly refused and told me off, basically, telling me that it has nothing to do with my condition. I'm still rather suspicious of this comment, and am trying to get a second opinion.

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Responses to anonymous's scorecard

Comments by RB519 on 01/25/12, 12:56 pm

Dr. Bernstein is nothing but a cranky old doctor who seriously needs to retire.  I had a very bad experience with him and left his office completely unsatisfied.  He yelled at me for telling him my symptoms and was just outright rude.  I would never recommend him to anyone.  If you are reading this Dr. Bernstein, you are a jerk!

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