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Dr. Richard Westmark

Houston, Texas

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Houston Spine And Neurosurgery Center
18333 Egret Bay Boulevard Suite 200
Houston, TX 77058

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Texas Medical Board

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Overall score given by 2002Patient on 02/05/13


2002 I had surgery in 2002 with not problems since, I could not even walk.  My husband had surgery with in in 2005.  They put rods in his spine and he has had no problems since. 
My pain was so bad that I wanted cut my legs off.  Dr. Westmark told me before my surgery that you will be all better with not pain except for the incision and that is the way it was.    My husband was out ride his lawn mover in a month.  He has not problems and works 50+ hours a week on his feet all day.    I recommend him to everyone I know.

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