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Dr. Revis

Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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Overall score given by Twisty on 01/01/17


1 responses to this scorecard

I would recommend Dr. Revis for any treatment OTHER THAN a BREAST AUGMENTATION. He is a great Dr, but (following my surgery in 2011) I became very ill with BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS. The chemical soup that was micro-leaching out of my 500cc Mentor cohesive Gel implants, sent my body's immune system into hyper-overdrive. I was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome which left me mostly bedridden for the better part of 2 years. Since explanting Sept/2016 my health is recovering. PLEASE RESEARCH AUTO-IMMUNE DISORDERS & BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS BEFORE IMPLANTING.
Dr.Revis has a great bedside manner.  His staff are competent and easy to deal with.  However, There are REAL RISKS involved with getting a Breast Augmentation, ladies are getting their implants removed by the thousands as we are learning more about Breast Implant Illness and how our implants are making us sick!  Dr.Revis, nor his staff ever warned me about this illness and it has devastated my life.  The cost totalled after 5 years of false diagnoses and medical treatments (Including a final Explant) are just over $30,000.  My health is slowly recovering but I will never get the years of my life back that I lost to this illness.  Ladies, Please think twice and do more research before implanting!!

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Responses to Twisty's scorecard

Comments by Revisgirl3 on 01/11/17, 12:46 pm:

I wouldn't say his staff is amazing, they are amazing in the beginning, but when you have problems they are suddenly too busy to answer phone or eemail questions. 

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