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Dr. Reginald Bottari

Hialeah, Florida

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Reginald Bottari, D.C.
1800 W 49th St
Hialeah, FL 33012

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as rated by donalduc_77
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Overall score given by donalduc_77 on 03/25/07


1998 I found this doctor's office while locating a temporary agency. Later, after I was driving and minding my own business, another vehicle collided with mine. My attorney suggested that I locate a chiropractor and get diagnosed. Dr. Bottari immediately made me feel at ease, explaining Chiropractic and its history, etc. and precisely what treatment programs were available, etc. He also advised me that no billing would be done to me, but that he would bill my attorney directly! Treatment began, and after the third or fourth treatment my pain was reduced by half! I continued for three months, and was completely happy with the staff, the Doctor, his techniques, and after my 'official' (read, 'paid by insurance') was over, he offered to continue my weekly treatments at the rate of $25/visit! Well, as good as I felt after his treatments, I took him up on the offer! If I was not living in Chicago now, but near Hialeah, I would be going to see him right now! He is a consummate professional, extremely courteous, friendly, accessible, a very good & patient listener, and a fun guy to chat with as well. He really knows his craft, and gave me an entirely new outlook on Chiropractic as a treatment option. Even though it has been years since my connection with his office, I still remember what he did for me.

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