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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Raymond Rubin

Atlanta, Georgia

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95 Collier Road Suite 4075
Atlanta, GA 30309

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Overall score given by whoopie on 03/31/08



Doctor Rubin completely misdiagnosed me.  He diagnosed me for crohn's but it turns out that I actually have a mild form of celiac's disease.  When he diagnosed me for crohn's he also realized that I have two stomach ulcers.  He prescribed to me Asacol for the crohn's but he never did inform me that because Asacol is an NSAID that it would aggrevate my stomach ulcers.  When i complained to him about my stomach ulcers he recommended prilosec - an acid suppressor - but once again never did inform me that he knew that the Asacol would aggrevate my stomach ulcers.  Needless to state, i think the guy is nothing but a pill dispenser.



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