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Dr. Ravi Panjabi

Pain Management
Castro Valley, California

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Advanced Pain Management And Rehabilitative Medical Group
19850 Lake Chabot Road
Castro Valley, CA 94546

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Overall score given by Backpainforever on 10/02/17


2017 Dr Panjabi is good when he shows up on time , which is NEVER. The staff in Castro Valley are so incompetent it’s not funny. Never complete paperwork on time. Never answer the phones or return calls  . I don’t know how this office stays open. I’ve waited over 2 hrs for my appt. on too many occasions to list. They know you have to wait because you only get your medication every 28 days. The only good thing about this doctor is Paige in the San Ramon office. The surgery centers that this doctor used had staff that would joke about Dr.Panjabi because he was late always for procedures. Go elsewhere if you want to have your time respected. 

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