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Dr. Raul Mendy

Veterinarian (animal doctor)
Davie, Florida

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Jacaranda Animal Hospital
8628 W. State Road 84
Davie, FL 33324

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Overall score given by Kat on 04/19/07


This scorecard was voted helpful +2 times


My little boy found a brand new baby bird, bloody and lying on the sidewalk.  Without considering the consequences of not asking his mom first, he got the baby bird, ran home, put it into a few napkins and put on his roller skates and skated almost a mile up the road to deliver the baby bird to our animal's vet, Dr. Mendy.

My boy's heart was full of hope as he huffed and puffed while skating up to the front door.  The receptionist in the front room, also Dr. Mendy's assistant, took a look at the bird and said, 'we can't do anything for the bird - just put it down outside somewhere and leave it.'  She didn't even call the doctor to have a look at it, or offer to take the doomed bird in the back and try to 'fix' it.

The boy's heart sank as he turned around, with bird and blood in his hands and the napkin, and rode home, this time more slowly, as he deliberated on what to do next.

He brought it home to his mama, and told her the story.  The bird died shortly after, but what an unthoughtful thing to do to a little boy who was only trying to be a hero!

I thought this was inconsiderate of Dr. Mendy's assistant.


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This scorecard was voted helpful +2 times

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