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Dr. Randy Hill

Family Physician or General Practitioner
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Family Medicine Clinic
130 Medical Park Place
Hot Springs, AR 71901

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Randy Hill, Family Physician
100 McGowan Court
Hot Springs, AR 71901

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as rated by carlid2000
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Overall score given by carlid2000 on 08/20/08


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Dr. Randy Hill gets an A+ in my book.  I am not only a patient of his, but as a hospital pharmacist I can add that this guy is a great MD.  Excellent diagnostician.  He is compassionate and caring, and as the last reviewer stated, and listens to your concerns.  Very down to earth.  I cannot overstate how much I like this doc.  I switched my kids from their peditrician to Dr. Hill; he is now the MD for our entire family. 

Drawback:  He may not be accepting new pts because everyone loves him!

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This scorecard was voted helpful +1 times

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