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Evilution of Man
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Dr. Raju Indukuri

Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville, TN 37209

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Overall score given by tscuser on 10/07/14


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Not given Beware of this doctor. He is like a fraud. I know of few couples who went to this doctor to save their marriage. But what this doctor did to them was, he analyzed which spouse was mentally not that strong (in both the cases that was the wife), brainwashed her and finally got them divorced. He considered it as a business nothing more. He was not at all ethical and didn't think for a second that he is playing with people's married life. Marriage is such a sacred relationship. I realized this when I started going to him for my marriage. It was good that I understood this very quickly and asked my wife that we need to resolve it ourselves rather than seeking his help. He usually tends to talk to females alone and not in front of their husband. What kind of a doctor would solve a marriage problem like that?? He should talk to both of them together because both the spouses are involved, unless he has a wrong intent. So, beware of this guy... I am really serious, with such a highly educated person, I expected him to be genuine and helpful. I trusted him, but he broke my trust... If the doctors, especially, psychiatrists are such unethical then who can we trust..

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This scorecard was voted helpful -1 times

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