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Dr. Peter Gerbino

Orthopedics / Pediatric Sports Medicine
Monterey, California

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Monterey Joint Replacement & Sports Medicine
900 Cass Street Suite 200
Monterey, CA 93940

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831 655-2122

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as rated by Ajzaa
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Overall score given by Ajzaa on 04/20/09


1998-2009 I worked with Dr. Gerbino for several years at Boston Children's Hospial practice.  Not only did he diagnosis me the first time he saw me, when I had seen many doctors over 2 months prio who couldn't find anything, but he also went on to fix my numerous sports injuries.  He is not only through but caring and one of the best in his field.  I am going to see him in CA 3,000 miles from Boston just because of expertise.  In this day and age there is are few doctors I would put this much trust and respect in. 

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