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Dr. Patrick Meere

New York, New York

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NYU Langone Medical Center
530 First Ave Suite 5J
New York, NY 10016

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NYU Hospital For Joint Diseases
301 E. 17th Street, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10003

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Overall Score
as rated by summer2006
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Overall score given by summer2006 on 01/30/12


Not given Dr. Meere is a good salesman. He convinced me to have my TKR done in a new computerized method of surgery. I was assured that this would assure a better result than if I took the traditional method. Within 48 hours I was moved to the intensive care unit where I remained for about eight days or more. My heart rate jumped to 180 but was finally controlled. The next day my lung collapsed and my heart failed. Placed in an induced coma for three days. My wound did not heal as it should and was very red with a black scab but I was released to go home. I was assured that it was normal for a scar to look that way by Dr. Meere when he released me. A few weeks later the wound had not healed and the scab was now raised and looked strange. To his credit he saw me the day I called. He presented a very calm approach to the problem and scheduled me for immediate ambulatory surgery to 'Clean and reclose' the wound. Turned out to be infected and I was placed under the care of a wonderful infectious disease doctor who treated me for STAPH and STREP infections in the knee. I was hospitalized the second time for about 8 or 9 days while the wound was 'drained' and a PIC IV was inserted into my upper arm. I was placed on a heavy dosage of antibiotics that my husband had to administer. Within a few weeks, I was back in the hospital for another week after I had a toxic reaction to the drugs and the PIC-IV area was found to be infected. It was removed and I was given a new one at the end of my hospital stay. 

Altogether I was in and out of hospitals from June thru September. Six years later my knee still hurts a lot and I am unable to do many things I could before. I use a cane outside of the house for stability. My hip gives me trouble now. My back hurts more. 

I cannot say whether I am better or worse off after the surgery. Dr. Meere was very nice but he never visited me, overlooked the serious infection until it was too late, and I have a terrible scar and very little lateral movement. No torque in the knee. I am unhappy but there is nothing that can be done and probably no doctor that would do it. The staph and strep sealed my knee's fate. FORWARNED IS FORARMED. Beware.

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